In 2011 the jubilee »200 years of Mekhitarist presence in Vienna« was celebrated with an academic symposium and a solemn Armenian high mass in the church “Maria Schutz”.

A comprehensive report in the form of a high quality book waspublished.

Furthermore are available in the monastery: billets with first day of the special stamp, embossed silver commemorative coins from Armenia and Austria, as well as the precious facsimile edition of the famous Codex 543 from the monastery library.

Last but not least the well known speciality of the house enjoying great popularity, the Mechitharine, a herbal liqueur first produced in Vienna from 1889. The original recipe was brought by Mekhitar himself from Constantinople to Venice. Despite of the fact that the ingredients are documented in a manuscript from 1681, it is most understandably kept a monasterial secret.